Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merit badge.

For my birthday earlier this month, I received a merit badge from Mel for "being a happy camper". We had some interesting experiences earlier this year when we went camping (think rain, mud, bull ants, and dropping of pants) and this badge is a cute reminder of that holiday together.

Lee Meszaros selling these handmade and hand painted merit badges on Etsy. They were featured in Fankie magazine earlier this year, where Lee spoke about how she had the inspiration for her designs where she came across an old Brownies sash in a thrift store.Lee's badges are based on the traditional Boy Scout/ Girl Guide merit badges, just with a grown up twist.

This even inspired me pull out my own Girl Guide uniform that has been hiding deep in my wardrobe.

I think I need to give my old guiding sash some TLC and sew those badges back on neatly!

Sam xox


  1. Those badges remind me of my years as a Girl Scout (back in ancient times!) and as a troop leader for both my girls. Good times! Did you sell cookies the way American Girl Scouts do?