Monday, December 7, 2009

My birthday.

Early in November I turned 25. My dear friend Michelle came over in the morning and cooked breakfast for Jamie and I. Then Mum and my brother Jack came in for lunch - and ended up staying for dinner as well!

I was very spoilt! Mum gave me some beautiful antique dessert bowls. Michelle gave me some gold earrings, and Mill sent me a handmade apron and tea towel from America! But Jamie saved the best until last. He gave me this antique double wedding ring quilt! He bought it from American eBay and had it sent to us. When I first got it out of the box it stank of cigarette smoke, and I mean stank. I did some 'googling' to figure out the best way to get the smell out. First I was told to vacuum it with a stocking covering the vacuum hose. That did not work at all. After further research it turned out all it needed was some fresh air (go figure). I hung it out on a windy day and left it all day. The result is a beautiful quilt that has no odour whatsoever! I am delighted!

My dear friend Mill also sent me an early Christmas present. This is a Royal Doulton trio from the early 1930's. It is an art deco styled trio and the pattern is called "Shower". I love it! Thanks again Mill!

My collection of Royal Doulton trios is growing!

Sam xox