Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cross stitch.

I have been working on a sampler cross stitch these last few weeks, as it is so much easier to just pick it up and do a few stitches, then having to pull out all my sewing so I can sew or quilt.

I found this book at Boarders a fornight ago and fell in love with it.

It literally has 2001 diffrent cross stitch designs inside. It is really cool because you can pretty much design any cross stitch you want from this book. It has different themes, a section on boarders, and a variety of sampler patterns.
I chose this pattern because it only requires two different coloured threads. I have to admit, this thing I dont enjoy with cross stitching is when you have to keep changing your thread colour. I appreciate it is important to a design to have a variety of colours, as it looks so much better, especially in things like flowers. But this is a simple sampler, and I think only having the two colours makes it very striking.

So far I have finished the 'M' pannel and I am beginning the 'N' panel.

Sam xox