Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pallet potting table.

Here is my new potting table!

I know this is not a sewn, knitted or spun item, but it is handmade so that's ok, right? Jamie and I spent the weekend building a potting table for our garden. My parent in laws were visiting and gave us a lot of help also with this endeavour. To be fair, Jamie is the total brains and brawn behind this creation, my role was more as the 'artistic director'. 

I have dreamt of having my own potting table ever since we moved to Newcastle and rented a house with a yard. Potting tables can be as unique as your garden is. Most often they are crafted from re-purposed materials that the gardener has managed to salvage from a local source. Random bits are nailed, glued and screwed together to create something for the garden that is functional, and in my case, pleasing to the eye.

This potting table is completely made from pallet timber I was able to obtain for free from a retired gentleman who lives near the town where I work. He builds chicken coops and bird breeding boxes in his spare time and was only too happy for me to take what timber I needed. I did offer to pay him for the timber, but he replied with a smile "I would be offended if you paid me, please take as much as you need". He spent almost 45 minutes with me discussing my design plans and selecting the perfect pieces for the project from his substantial timber pile.

Pallet timber is ideal for this kind of project. It is cheap, or possibly free, and is a standard size. Pallets are made from outdoor wood so this table will survive being exposed to the weather. What I also prefer is the timbers 'rustic' look. Every piece is weathers differently. Knots. Stains. Splinters. All slats are unique.

I am considering adding some nails or hooks to the upper part of the timber frame, to use as a place to hang my gardening hand tools whilst I am working. Rhonda also uses a potting box to prevent wasting some of her soil while she is potting. I am hoping I can whip one of these up with all the off cuts I have left.

Below is the photo I found on pinterest months ago that I used for the inspiration for this potting table. The table was made by Bruce at The image has been sitting in my Gardens folder for some time, waiting for me to get my hands on some pallets.

Jamie was really pleased with how similar his creation was to the inspiration photo...

We finished the potting table as the sun was setting, so I am yet to actually use it to pot any seeds. Winter is a difficult time to garden as night falls before I am home from work, leaving me unable to garden most evenings. Sometimes I do a spot of weeding before work, but that depends on the chill in the air and me not hitting the 'snooze' button. I am sure this table will get much use though next weekend!

Sam xox

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quince & Co. patterns.

In case the beautiful yarns weren't enough to entice you over to Quince & Co., perhaps their gorgeous range of patterns might be?

Sam xox

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quince & Co. yarn.

Quince & Co. is a rare gem to be found online when searching for quality yarns. Where I live in Australia, there simply isn't a decent local yarn store that stocks a variety of brands at competitive prices. Since adding knitting to my repertoire, I have been keen to look beyond my shores for suppliers of yarns made from natural fibres at a price I can afford (including shipping). My sister in law pointed me in the direction of this company, and I have fallen in love. 

The website is easy to navigate, with the different yarn weights being identified through species of birds such as lark, sparrow, and osprey. I just had to share their colour book with you all. For anyone who is a knitter, crocheter, or utilise yarns for their crafts, this is a real treat for the eyes...

Fine yarn is such a treat and can be so soft to work with. I am thinking carefully about what colour I like and more importantly for what project I would use it. Until those decisions are made I will just dream. So far, since learning to knit, I have worked through the yarn that I buy, with not a hint of a stash building up.

Also, I have finished a couple of knitting projects I realised I haven't yet blogged about. I will take photos and get them up soon.

Have a fabulous weekend all,

Sam xox

This blog post expresses my personal opinion only. 
I am in no way affiliated with, or benefiting from discussing, 
the above mentioned company or persons.