Saturday, May 5, 2012

Quince & Co. yarn.

Quince & Co. is a rare gem to be found online when searching for quality yarns. Where I live in Australia, there simply isn't a decent local yarn store that stocks a variety of brands at competitive prices. Since adding knitting to my repertoire, I have been keen to look beyond my shores for suppliers of yarns made from natural fibres at a price I can afford (including shipping). My sister in law pointed me in the direction of this company, and I have fallen in love. 

The website is easy to navigate, with the different yarn weights being identified through species of birds such as lark, sparrow, and osprey. I just had to share their colour book with you all. For anyone who is a knitter, crocheter, or utilise yarns for their crafts, this is a real treat for the eyes...

Fine yarn is such a treat and can be so soft to work with. I am thinking carefully about what colour I like and more importantly for what project I would use it. Until those decisions are made I will just dream. So far, since learning to knit, I have worked through the yarn that I buy, with not a hint of a stash building up.

Also, I have finished a couple of knitting projects I realised I haven't yet blogged about. I will take photos and get them up soon.

Have a fabulous weekend all,

Sam xox

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  1. Oh very pretty i love looking at and feeling beautiful threads. What a treat it is to pick some for a new project.

  2. My pick is definitely 'parsley'. I've been looking for that exact colour for forever, and now I just need to save up and find the perfect pattern!

  3. Lark wool. Is it 8 ply or 10 ply?