Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "As Time Goes By" quilt.

Have you ever watched the English show "As Time Goes By"? My MIL adores this show, and has always wanted a quilt like the one that Lionel and Jean sleep under...

 So she is making one for her own bed...

Pin wheel blocks constructed,
combinations of light, medium and dark,
traditional reds, blues, browns and creams,
come together to bring this quilt to life.

It's going to be stunning!

Sam xox


  1. Oooh I love it! The colour combinations and design work really well together :)

  2. The right fabric, great colors, simple pattern = great quilt :)

  3. Oh yes I love this quilt and have made one some years ago. Our neighbour turned 80 and what did I do.... I gave him the quilt and he loved it. I will have to make another one for me.
    Love your Mum's version

  4. Beautiful quilt. I'm working on a pinwheel quilt right now using assorted floral prints and a white-on-white. I hope it turns out as nicely as your MIL's.

  5. Grace L. I would love to make one. Any idea how big the pinwheel blocks are? They look to be very large.

  6. I had to Google who made that quilt on As Time Goes By also. I love it! I have made a pinwheel lap quilt but I love these bigger squares, looks like maybe 8 or 12 inches. Your MIL did a great job!