Sunday, January 8, 2012

Beware: Learning in progress.

I've started knitting. Seriously knitting. Like ordering wool online, purchasing a pattern and proper needles kind of knitting. I'm nervous and excited and so very confused by some of the pattern instructions, but with my Paton's Woolcraft: How to Knit booklet beside me (and the internet) I am working it all out.

It's going well so far. I have begun knitting a baby cardigan for my friend who is due in June, which will be winter for us down here. She is not finding out the gender, so I am playing it safe and knitting in a cream/neutral coloured 100% Merino wool. It's hard to make attractive gender neutral baby gifts, I was originally going to knit something up in a dark navy, but thought better of it. I reasoned girl babies could wear navy, however I wasn't sure my friend would think this was ok, so plain creamy beige it is.

It's been fun to see a number of other bloggers out there also pick up the knitting needles for 2012 (or earlier) and creating some beautiful things.

Some knitting Etsy love...

Vintage Susan Bates Knitting Needles with Tapestry Style Case

American Thread Co Star Book No 167 Begin to Knit All the Basics Stitches Easy Novelty Stitches Quick Things to Make Booklet

9-inch Boye Needles (We have tons)

Vintage English Crochet Knitting Sewing Tools, some Bone Handles

Circular Knitting Needle Case with Notion Pouch Knitting Needle Holder Organizer Circular Needle Case in Textured Green Pea

Vintage Knitting Needles DESTASH Lot 4 Green Plastic / Bakelite

Are you on Ravelry? I have finally spent some time on this website and it is seriously amazing - a Burda Style of the knitting world (or is Burda Style a Ravelry of the sewing world?) either way, it is a great online community and has taught me quite a bit thus far. My Ravelry profile is 'hand-quilter' if you want to say hi :-)

Sam xox


  1. Yey for knitting :) I recently discovered Ravelry too and agree it is awesome. I am KraftyKat20...I'll look you up!

  2. I love ravelry! It is such a great source of patterns. Can't wait to see your cardigan.

  3. How exciting Sam, can't wait to see the baby cardi! I only started knitting at the end of last year and I seriously love it! I've just added you as a friend on ravelry (although I haven't really been great at updating my profile) and my username is AStitchingOdyssey.

  4. Enjoy your knitting :) I am on ravelry as lizzelda

  5. I love the pics of all the vintage knitting goodies! I'll look you up on Ravelry. My rav name is Ibelle.

  6. I'm sure your friend will just be thrilled that you took the time to make a lovely handmade gift for her; so sweet of you! These are the best type of baby gifts.