Monday, January 2, 2012

Sewing in 2012 - looking forward.

 ~ Jamie and Sophie - both loving Christmas ~

As life calms down after the Christmas/New Years celebrations and begins to return to normal, I wanted to take a few minutes to record my goals for the year ahead. I don't want to assign numbers to the amount of clothes/ quilts/ gifts I will make this year. Instead I want to set goals based on actions and aspirations, without strict time limits.

For the blog
> A series of posts on using your overlocker/serger. I want to share with you some tips I have learn along the way and different features your overlocker/serger may have.
> Quilting!!! I believe I seriously neglected quilting in 2011 on this blog, so I will get more posts up on 'all things quilty'. Who knows, I might even convince a few of you dressmakers out there to give quilting a try :-)
> How-to's. I have a few how-to's in mind for the blog this year.
> Giveaways. Items other than dressmaking patterns!
> Post more projects. I find I neglect to post about my projects until they are finished. I think this takes away a little from those who read this blog and are learning to sew or are interested in the process of sewing up a pattern. I will try and get better at posting along the way.
> More outdoor photography of my finished garments. We now live less than 500 meters from the ocean, so I should be taking advantage of this amazing backdrop.
> Book reviews. I have a number of books I have purchased that I would love to share with you all.
> Some more Etsy favourite posts.

For myself
> I want to organise my sewing room and fabric stash better. This will take time and thought but I really really need a better system.
> Balance my sewing and quilting time. I feel that I have been spending far more time sewing these days than quilting, and this has to change. I have a number of quilting UFO's waiting for some attention, and they simply are not getting it from me. Need to change this.
> I want to make more clothes using Liberty of London fabrics (don't we all?).
> I want to learn how to use my French Curve ruler... anyone have one of these and use them???
> Knit a scarf for winter this year using good quality wool. Does anyone have any tips where to buy good wool online?
> Make a baby quilt for a friend who is due in June.
> More Skype craft days with friends afar.
> I want to expand my 'cooler weather' wardrobe. I find that living in the climate I do in Australia, that winter for us only gets really cold for less than two months of the year. My winter wardrobe basically consists of jeans (4 pairs) and cardigans (10 of these). I only own three long sleeve shirts! I basically get by on very little in winter, and it can often feel unstylish and repetitive (seriously, how many ways can I wear my cardigans and jeans?). So I would love to make a coat this year, and some pencil skirts that can be teamed with tights.

~ Fireworks on the harbour ~

Before I embark on my 2012 sewing adventure, I just want to take a moment to thank you all for your encouraging comments and emails this year. I love the online sewing community that we are all a part of, and cannot thank you all enough for the feedback I receive through my blog and Burdastyle. As someone who does not have many sewers in their life, I find our online community invaluable. I learn so much from reading other peoples blogs (I need to comment more and share the love), learning from my own mistakes and the successes and challenges of other bloggers. All the knowledge, projects, and ideas that are shared online are inspiring and encourage me to continue to sew. 

As I am sure sewing is for a lot of you, sewing for me is a form of relaxation, a way to escape from the stresses of my everyday life, to focus my energy and thoughts on something other than the demands of my job, relationships, and life worries. The thrill of creating something from a pile of fabric and some thread, for me, cannot be matched.

I hope that in 2012 I can encourage others to pick up a needle and thread and 'give it a go' or tackle a more difficult project. You might find that you like it. :-)

I can't wait to share 2012 with you all. Happy New Year!

Sam xox


  1. Happy New Year and good luck with all your aims for 2012! I am
    primarily a sewist/dressmaker but quilting is something I really enjoy reading about on others blogs and I could definately be tempted to have a go. Regarding yarn, when I buy online rather than in a store I usually have some idea of exactly what make I am looking for, so I tend to just google that and look for where I can get a good price. Have you discovered Ravelry yet? You can get a lot of ideas of which wools are good to use, along with lots and lots of freely available patterns as well as a chance to have a peek at other peoples projects - I highly recommend it :)

  2. Happy new year, and good luck with your goals :o)

  3. Happy new year hon! Here's to another great year of crafting! (PS your second last goal is AWESOME!) xx
    PS there is really lovely homespun wool on etsy...let me know if you want some searching tips

  4. Great aims for 2012 Sam, I look forward to following your journey. I'm particularly excited about your upcoming serger/overlocker posts as I still have no real idea of how to use mine ;o)

  5. You have some amazing plans set out for 2012, and it sounds like its going to be a very good year!
    Thank you for your comment, and I wish you all the best for a wonderful New Year in sewing!

  6. Hi, Sam. Can't wait to hear more about your quilting. I, too, got a bit distracted with making clothes in 2011 and while I still want to do that, I want to focus more on know, the quilting part, not so much the piecing part. Hope all is well and can't wait to see what you can share about your serger. Lane