Friday, January 6, 2012

Sorbetto top #2.

I've been meaning to blog this Sorbetto for a few months now. I made this top back in October as a gift for Mill for her birthday. I wanted to post her a handmade item that wouldn't weight too much (postage cost in Australia is exceptionally high), and the Sorbetto fitted the bill nicely.

As this was made for the purpose of 'sleepwear', I used a soft cotton fabric with small blue and white stripes. Some cream bias binding for the neck and arm holes matched the fabric perfectly and added a soft tough. I stayed true to the pattern and had this cut out and sewn up in under an hour.

I intend on making a few more tops from this pattern this year. Thanks again Colette patterns. Click here to print yourself off a copy of this charming pattern for free.

Sam xox


  1. Hey hon, I have to add my rave review of the Sorbetto top, too, it is fabulous! I was so pleased to receive one of your wonderful creations in the post! xox

  2. I still need to print mine and try this one. I'm so fond of the ones I've seen online. I just noticed your autumn pattern challenge icon! I have that little green bow-blouse pattern! It's been on my "to make" list for about a year now! THanks for the reminder. :)