Monday, February 13, 2012

Needle box.

I recently found this vintage Bakelite needle box at a local antique store. I am not sure when it was made, but I assume quite a while ago as it is marked "Made in Melbourne - Australia". You don't find too many items made in Melbourne these days...

It is dusty pink and in brilliant condition. It has holes for sizing knitting needles according to imperial measurements, and has an inch ruler running along one side.

Now that I am a knitter (ahem), I had a growing pile of needles that were in desperate need of storage. This box is able to comfortably hold the shorter ones with room to spare.

Sam xox

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yarns of Italy.

Yarns of Italy was an Etsy store I discovered last month. I placed my first order and was really pleased with the quality of their yarn. That's why I am excited that Yarns of Italy have just launched their new website, where they are selling a beautiful range of Italian yarns.

Best of all they are running a promotion. Free shipping for to the US or Canada, and half price shipping anywhere else in the world! Simply go to their Facebook page to get the codes.

I plan to knit these into a vest.

Sam xox

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Yarns of Italy, have been asked to post this by them, nor am I benefiting from this post in any way. I am simply a happy customer.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Beret progress.

Ironic really that I am knitting the February Beret in February. I am only 1 inch away from finishing the gull lace pattern, then it is on to some basic garter stitching to finish. I am thrilled with how it is looking and am wishing summer away too quickly in order to be able to wear this.

I am using the circular needles and yarn I bought recently from The Yarn Cafe. The yarn is deliciously soft on my hands and perfect for this pattern. I also indulged in some quality circular needles that promised not to twist - and they haven't once!

To begin this pattern you have to knit up an icord. No, it's not some fancy stitch designed by Apple. I tried to 'read' how to knit an icord but I couldn't quite wrap my brain around it, so I resorted to Plan B (Youtube). This video demonstrates how to knit an icord perfectly.

I have been reflecting a bit on why I have taken to knitting so quickly and intensely in the last month, and left sewing on the back burner for a bit. I am known to my friends to be someone who takes to things quickly and strongly, but this is a little different. Life has been so very stressful of late and I feel that things are beginning to get on top of me. Homesickness is getting to me, which would be fine on its own, but it is the latest in a long series of stressors. I feel like my tank is running on empty and I can't be the perfect wife/friend/worker that I want to be. I guess none of us are perfect really. Knitting is different to sewing. It has brought me a sense of calm and quiet that I guess only a ball of wool and some needles can do.

If you want to knit one of these berets for yourself, you can find the pattern for free here (you don't need a Ravelry account to access it).

Sam xox

Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Etsy favourites: Hats.

~ This week I will show you what I'm 'favouriting' on Etsy at the moment ~

Cloche, close fitting button on side

Vintage Hat - Navy Blue and Mustard Yellow - Vintage Chic  - Women's Vintage Hat - Elegant Vintage Fashion

Vintage 1950s Hat // Winter Fashion at Fab Gabs: The November Chill Mink Hat

Vintage Hat / 1970s Gray Wide Brim Hat / Fur Hat

And if you want to try your hand at making your own hat...

Vintage Sewing Pattern 1950's Cloche Hat PDF Printable Copy

Sam xox

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Etsy favourites: Knitting.

~ This week I will show you what I'm 'favouriting' on Etsy at the moment ~

Here are my knitting favourites...

Fawkes the Phoenix - Hand Dyed Lace Weight Yarn - Merino Wool - 880 yards

Needle Case Needle Holder Knitting Needle Case Interchangable Knitting Needle Case in Textured Charcoal Grey Coral Orange

Yarn, yellow superwash merino nylon - Tarnished

New:  Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, by the skein.  Terracotta, 35.

1960s Vintage Tote Bag // HOUNDS TOOTH // Knitting Bag

NEW: DK Weight 100% Extrafine Merino in Medium Blue

Hand dyed sock yarn, honeysuckle pink merino cashmere nylon - Tea rose

Sam xox