Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sea glass.

This week I discovered a little beach, tucked away in the tail-end of the Eastern suburbs. It is not one of the 'popular' beaches, it is not patrolled by lifeguards, and it is hidden behind some very steep cliffs. Standing on the sand, against the towering cliff walls, you are surrounded by an almost untouched piece of coastline.

Instead of the noise of city traffic, you hear waves crashing against rocks.
Instead of the smell of smog, you breath in the salty sea air.
Instead of walking on pavement, your feet sink into sand with every step.

This beach was perfect.

Along the shoreline I found some beautiful sea glass hidden under small piles of seaweed, broken shells and drift wood. I took it home, gave it a wash, and am letting thoughts run through my head with what to do with it...

For now it is home in a jam jar on my kitchen window sill. A daily reminder of a perfect walk along the beach.

Sam xox

Sunday, June 12, 2011

French onion soup.

Jamie and I have both been struck down by nasty bugs recently, Jamie more so than I. He has been suffering badly from a flue that doesn't appear to want to leave his body. There seems to be a few nasty bugs floating around Sydney at the moment, and I think it might have something to do with the cold weather and rain we are having at the moment. For the past week I have left for work while Jamie makes his way from bed to couch where he curls up under a blanket. It is here that I find him, still lying, upon my return some 9 hours later :-(

By day 5 I decided to resort to a hearty home cooked soup that would warm his belly and hopefully encourage his body to finally kick that bug.

I made Donna Hay's French Onion Soup, and it turned out to be delicious! Her recipes never seem to fail me.

~ This soup made me cry - a lot! All those onions! ~

~ Donna recommends this soup should be served
with toasted cheese sandwiches ~

The verdict? Jamie is back to 100% health (though the jury is still out on whether this soup fixed him).

You can find the recipe here.

Hope you're all having a brilliant weekend!

Sam xox

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One pattern seven bloggers - the big reveal.

It feels like only yesterday, when I sent an email out to a few fellow bloggers and proposed to them that we join together and do a sewing project - One Pattern, Seven Bloggers... and now seven finished dresses!

Today is the big reveal! I apologies for the bad quality photos (and in my kitchen of all places!) but you see, we are having some terrible weather here in Sydney.

So, without further ado, here is my version of the dress...

This was a very interesting sewing experience for me. Firstly, the pattern only includes the pieces for the bodice, which allows the sewer to make the skirt how they wish. I liked this idea, but felt a bit uneasy about doing anything too tricky due to my pear shaped body and lack of pattern-drafting skills. I decided as the fabric was light I would make a simple gathered skirt.

The most interesting thing for me however, was that I actually got the dress finished! No, not because I might have procrastinated slightly, but because almost to the very last stitch I just did not like it. If this had been a project I was making on my own, there is a very good chance it would never have been completed. About 1 hour into the sewing I decided I hated the fabric pattern. About 1 hour and 30 minutes into the sewing I decided I hated the pattern. What I had in front of me looked like a pinky-red, funny shaped pile of yuck.

But I persevered and when I put it on I thought "that actually doesn't look too bad". Granted it is not a dress I would wear out to dinner, but in the warmer weather later this year it might get a few trips to the beach or park. I am yet to decide if I want to make a belt for this dress, if I do decide to I will post a tutorial.

* Did not use a lot of paper to print on the home printer.
* The bodice was very easy to construct.
* I like that the skirt is not included.
* The bodice is simple and I didn't need instructions.

* The neckline is low - so would not suit everyone.
* I changed my zipper to a centre back one.

* * * * * * *

I cannot tell you how great it has been to be part of this project. It has been fun getting to know the other girls and seeing their emails pop up in my inbox as we all share our trials and successes as we made our dresses.

And don't forget to visit their blogs to see the dresses they have made:

Sam xox