Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sewing in 2011 - looking back.

As the year draws to a close, naturally our minds begin to run wild with sewing goals for the year ahead. I know mine is. Thoughts flashing through my head of scalloped edges, Colette patterns, vintage fabrics and lace detail. I must make an effort this week to write it all done (note-to-self, reread Emma's New Years Resolutions post)! I have already read some inspiring 2011 review posts this week by fellow seamstresses Gina and Lauran. I am sure many more will appear in the blogosphere before this week ends.

Here is my sewing recap for the year past...

Skirts and Dresses





Eighteen creations isn't half bad! Considering I went into sewing hibernation for many weeks pre and post house move, and have basically dedicated December to Christmas craft, I am surprised I have sewed this many things.

Highlights for me this year have been:
* Having my Pendrell blouse featured by Tasia on her blog! I was thrilled that the woman who designed the pattern liked my creation!
* Joining a sewing class.
* A new sewing machine and overlocker/serger (Christmas gift).
* Making a number of handmade Christmas gifts this year.
* Learning to machine quilt on my new machine (very basically though).
* Collaborating with Marie, Reana, Kat, Rachel, Jen and Amy on One Pattern - Seven Bloggers.
* Making a cake for my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary - complete with royal icing!
* Teaching Sarah how to sew.
* Adding to my collection of vintage patterns.
* The new addition to our feline family.
* Moving house and building a veggie garden.

My final goal for 2011 is to get my sewing room in order (does anyone else feel like they are constantly battling their sewing room/space? I do, doesn't seem to matter how big or small it is, somehow it never feels like it is in order).

Sam xox

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  1. Well done on your year's makes! I've just spent a small fortune in Ikea in an effort to battle my sewing room organisation, fingers crossed it's a system that will last for a while! (System for organising that is, I'm sure the storage will hold together lol)