Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas decorations.

My sister-in-law Ally's post about beginning her Christmas decoration collection has made me reflect on my own growing collection. I began my collection some years ago now, when I was living with my dear friend Mill in a share house on the outskirts of Sydney. During my first Christmas in that house, Mill opened my eyes to the possibility that you did not need a neat, coordinated, and huge tree to decorate your home during Christmas. Mill's tree was modest in size and so full of Christmas warmth as she took the time to explain to me the origin and meaning behind every Christmas decoration on it. Some were from overseas, some gifts from others, some were even handmade.

At this time I was "only a quilter". I was not doing any other craft. So the thought that "hey, I could actually make Christmas decorations" really appealed to me. Mill explained that she made a decoration each year to hang on her tree, and the result was a beautiful Christmas tree that made you stop and actually look. To look at each decoration individually, rather than at the tree as a matching, coordinated display (hello massive department store trees!).

The Christmas tree that stands in my home today is testament to my creative friend...

2007 - Handmade felt star.
Design by Mill.

2008 - Paper bell coloured in and glued together with a wool hanger
(hey I was on teaching prac, all the kids were doin' it!).

2009 - Knitted Bell.
Mill was living in the US and I missed
my Christmas craft buddy terribly.

2010 - Handmade felt heart.
Design by me.

Even Jamie's crafty skills are represented on our tree!

c.1992 - Handmade peg reindeer.
By Jamie age 7.

Another sweet tradition we began thanks to Mill was collecting one decoration each year from David Jones - the nicest (and most expensive) department store we have in Australia.

2009 - David Jones Red Bauble.

Drum roll please for our latest addition...

2010 - David Jones Nutcracker Man!

Only 6 sleeps to go!

Sam xox


  1. Love your homemade decorations.

  2. Merry Christmas, Sam. Your tree is lovely and so full of personal meaning. I think that's how Christmas should be done.

  3. Loving that little peg reindeer of Jamie's - he was such a sweet little thing back in the day :-)I'm joining the "one handmade decoration for every year" club that you and Mill have started. Count me in! Give me a tree with handmade unique ornaments over a co-ordinated department store version any day.