Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas cake.

Last weekend Jamie and I thought it was about time we made our first ever Christmas cake together (well, probably more my thoughts than Jamie's). I had been soaking my fruit for almost a week, every day checking on it and 'feeding' it Sherry. The smell of alcohol was overpowering when I finally took the cover off the fruit. I will definitely not be driving after eating this (what does happen to alcohol after it has been baked in the over for almost two hours?).

When the time came to construct the cake (and I say construct because of Jamie's engineering background - I had to convince him there was a purpose to his participation somehow), Jamie really was a good sport! In between telling me that making a specific type of food for a specific celebration ran against his logical mind, he did an excellent job of mixing the cake!

After two hours of making and baking, we ended up with three cakes, and I have chosen the best of the three to take to my family for Christmas lunch.


I am pretty proud of my first ever Christmas cake :-)

Sam xox

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  1. Well done you! I'm rubbish at cakes. That looks soooooo tasty.
    Have a great Christmas.
    Miss P