Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 19th hole.

Craft day was last Saturday and Mill arrived with something completely unexpected!

In a thousand years I would never have guessed she would arrive with this for craft day...

Ok, enough lead up! I'll tell you what it was...

A printed panel apron with a golf course pattern on it! Seeing that I was a little confused, she explained it was a gift for her partners mother for Christmas and that she loves golf - of course!

I was so impressed with the idea of a printed panel. I have seen panels sold in quilt shops, but never something like this. The apron was simply to cut out, the instructions were printed on the fabric, and the end result looked like something you could sell in a shop! Mill is becoming an awesome sewer and even showed me how to do nice looking seams without even having to use the over locker - you go girl!

Mill, she is going to love it! Great job!

In the photo above the apron even has a pocket on the bottom left green - the stitching is so neat you can't even tell!

The bonus? I even managed to trace the apron pattern off the panel before it was cut out.

Sam xox

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