Friday, December 17, 2010

Dolls house.

You know when you buy someone a present, and it is a little left-of-centre you begin to worry they might not like it?

Well, my friend Mel had a birthday at the beginning of this month. We have been friends for ages, and over the years she has spoken many times of the dolls house she used to have when she was a little girl. She loved the tiny furniture, the way each room was decorated, and the way the wooden object captured her childhood imagination for hours on end.

Years have past and Mel does not know what ever happened to that beloved toy. Recently, Frankie magazine did an article on a lady who keeps a retro dolls house in her linen cupboard. Mel and I both saw this and it reignited Mel's reminiscing about her old dolls house.

With a little over a month until her birthday, I knew what I wanted to give her for her birthday, and I began my ebay search for a dolls house.

The criteria?
- Not pink.
- Multi-story.
- Stairs with doorways (so many had stairs but no hole for the little people to walk through - how were they supposed to move about each room? I mean really...).
- Plain enough that Mel could make her own 'mark' on it without having to do too much prep work.

After an entire month of searching I had lost hope, and conceded that I wasn't going to be able to find Mel a dolls house, and would have to make Mel an apron instead. That was until, 5 days before her birthday, I came across this gem...

I bought it! I gave it to her! Mel LOVED it!

And she has already made some purchases for it off Etsy...

Retro Kitchen!

Tiny items!!!

Isn't the tiny stuff just too sweet! Mel it is going to look amazing! I'm so glad you like it :-)

Sam xox

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  1. Aw!! Makes me want a dolls house! Soooo sweet! You are a very thoughtful friend.