Friday, January 14, 2011

Sewing homework - prepping for the triathlon.

For homework this week I have been organising myself for the sewing triathlon Mill and I will be having Sunday to Tuesday. Three days and two nights of sewing! I have 6 projects I am aiming to complete:
2) Another Pendrell Blouse
5) Madeline Mini Bloomers (free pattern)
6) 1920's Chemise Inspired Top (free pattern)

I have now laid out all the items needed for each project, and for sewing in general, on my spare bed...

Bikini ready to be made!

Only missing pocket lining for this skirt.

The very cute buttons I found for the pockets!

Retro quilt top and backing fabric (a sheet).

Sewing Bible!

Love this pattern.

These will be my cute pajamas for summer.

Close-up of the chemise top.

The total so far! So excited!

Looking at all the projects laid out like this gives me butterflies. Sunday just cannot get here fast enough!

I still need to buy a few final things for the day:
- Pocket lining for the skirt (in grey)
- Blouse fabric
- Quilt wadding
- White thread to tie the quilt with
- 1 yard bloomer fabric (in silk, chiffon, or georgette)
- 2 1/2 yard ribbon for bloomers
- 2 1/2 yard elastic for bloomers
- 2 yards of silk for the chemise top
- 1 1/2 yard antique-look lace for chemise top
- 1 1/2 yard ribbon for chemise top
- Sewing thread to match the above

Phew. Wish me luck!

Sam xox


  1. That will be so much fun! I can't wait to see the finished products! You're going to have a new wardrobe!

  2. Is that Simplicity pattern a skirt or coulottes? I adore that sailor style waistband!!
    I may have to hunt that pattern down.

  3. That all looks like too much fun!

  4. Warning - those bloomers are VERY short! hehe

    I'll be posting about the ones I made tomorrow if you want to have a look.

    :) Kim

  5. Sounds like you have a great plan. Good luck finishing all your projects, I am sure you and your friend will have a blast. Bernie