Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Casey's 1920's Chemise Top.

I thought it only fair to show you one of the garments that failed during the Sewing Triathlon. I attempted to make a chemise top following Casey's instructions. Everything was going well, the pattern was easy to draw, the fabric was perfect, and the pin tucks looked great. Unfortunately, once I sewed the lace trim along the top the whole thing was ruined. I had chosen the wrong lace for this kind of project. Ideally I should have purchased a stiff lace with a wide zigzag pattern. Instead the lace I bought was elasticised, straight, too large, and it flopped over itself when the garment was vertical. All in all not a good look.

I have heaps of the fabric left over so I will be making this top again, hopefully with the correct kind of lace this time. I do have a zigzag kind of lace but I am hesitant to use it because I think it is too plain.

My drafted pattern pieces.

The pattern.

My pin tucks and the lace in question.

The two laces I have. The top is the one that didn't work. The bottom I worry is too plain for this top.

My French seams - these worked!

- I loved that Casey's instructions were so clear and easy to follow. The pattern drafting was very easy and was a perfect fit.
- I learn how to sew pin tucks and French seams, both of which I had never sewn before.
- The fabric I chose was perfect for this top, and I know it will look great once it has the right lace to match.

- Choosing the correct lace seems key to the success of this garment. My lace failed.
- I had a little trouble with one of the French seams (I didn't clip it close enough to the first lot of stitches).
- This pattern may become addictive to make. It's so easy with beautiful results.

I would recommend this pattern! Click here to print one for yourself.

Sam xox


  1. I am ready to sign you up for the next season of Project Runway. You are taking to garment sewing like a natural seamstress and your projects are beautiful. Bernie

  2. Thank Bernie! You're really sweet! I wish we had that show on TV in Australia - it looks like a lot of fun! Sam xox

  3. It's beautiful! I can't believe I haven't seen that tutorial before - I'm desperate to try it now.

    haha talk about a crazy coincidence finding me! I love your blog (especially your Pendrell blouse!), and it's great to meet a fellow Australian sewer! Thanks a bunch in advance for the feature on my skirt :) Best wishes from Brisbane, Sarah xx

  4. Hi Sarah! Ah glad you found me :-) Yes I was more than a little excited to see you too were from Aus! Let me know if you end up making the chemise top, Sam xox