Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pendrell blouse #2.

My third finished item during our Sewing Triathlon was another Pendrell Blouse. I had already made a Pendrell blouse (View A) in a Liberty cotton so this time I wanted to try a fabric a little trickier! I found this fabric for only $5 per meter at my local fabric store. It is a poly-something and is very lightweight.

Here is my latest Pendrell Blouse - View B.

And the inside...

Sorry there are no photos of the blouse actually on, Jamie is away and I just couldn't manage to get a good one with the camera on 'timer'.

- I was really pleased with how I managed sewing such light weight fabric. I do not usually sew with delicate fabric, so I was pleased with how this turned out.
- I modified the sleeves on this blouse. I only used the larger sleeve for View B and decided not to gather it but sew it on just folded over into the shoulder seam. I think that the ruffle would have been too busy for this fabric.

- I hate man made fibers, so wearing this is super itchy and not good to wear in hot weather.
- As much as I am happy with the end product, I am unsure I will ever actually wear this top. It is too itchy to wear in warm weather, and too sheer for the cold. Shame.

Sam xox

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  1. It's a sweet blouse Sam. Could you wear something underneath to stop the itchies?