Friday, January 28, 2011

What a clever husband.

I have been lusting after wooden thread racks for a while now. They seem to be an aesthetically pleasing way to store spools of thread. I also like the idea of having thread on display, it helps you remember what colours you already have, before you go out and buy more for a new project.

I hunted down some nice thread racks on American eBay that I thought were being sold at an affordable price. I showed Jamie. He looked shocked. I pointed out their awesome features to him in a bid to try and convince him to say "yes" to me buying the racks. Instead, he insisted he could make them for me himself and would have them finished before any internet purchases could arrive in the post.

Together, we sat down a drew up plans to make my ultimate thread racks. It looked good on paper.

We then spent a Sunday afternoon working with meters and meters of wood, drill bits, a saw, glue and sandpaper, and after a few hours we had two thread racks each able to hold 50 spools - that 100 spools in total!

I plan on buying some cord and hanging them both above my sewing table.

Thanks Jamie! Now I know your hidden talent I will be aiming much higher next time.

Sam xox


  1. What a dude your hubby is! They're fabulous. ;)

  2. Well, your racks are so much more sturdy than mine and what a nice thing for you two to do together! It will always good memories for you! Great job Jamie!

  3. great job, now you have gifts you can make for all your quilting/sewing friends.

  4. Awesome idea! I'm in desperate need of one of these, my thread spools are scattered all over my table ;)

  5. They're brilliant - what a lovely husband! Now I'm more confident with power tools I was also thinking of having a go at making one of these. Just need to get some rods...!

  6. Gosh! Jamie, what a dark horse! I know what I'm asking for next Christmas :-) Sam, can you please ask him if he makes them for sisters as well as wives?

  7. So great! Do you think Jamie will take commissions? Loving your blog....since getting back from England ive decided to get back into sewing - it's been a while so I've put in the janome for a service and I'm thinking about brushing up on some skills by doing a course. Do you know of any good ones? I want to do something like zippers and button holes.

  8. Thanks ladies! Sad news - Jamie says he is never going to make these again as sanding 100 little pieces of dowel almost drove him mad :-p Worth a try though ;-)

    Keren, I would suggest practicing heaps on your machine and reading LOTS on the net. Other sewers blogs are priceless for learning the ins and outs of pattern sewing. Feel free to email me if you want some blog recommendations - my email can be found in my profile. I also have a Readers Digest Complete Guide to Sewing book with is literally an encyclopedia of sewing information. I bought it from Amazon for under $30 (it is the 1970's edition I think). I haven't ever been to sewing lessons so I wouldn't know where to start. Sam xox

  9. seriously - so awesome! i have a small thrifted plastic spool stands but nothing as great as this :)