Monday, January 10, 2011

Thrifty find.

I spent Saturday afternoon 'Junk Shopping' with Mill down the coast. I made some great finds!

Just like the ones I blogged about here!

These beautiful dessert bowls with serving bowl.

An old canister to keep my trimming bits in.

Large vintage sheet. I will use it to back this quilt.

$2 bag of trims.

Old sewing pieces.

A bag full of bias tape!

I worked late into the night on rearranging my sewing room. Will post pictures soon!

Sam xox


  1. Good fines Sam ,I love the glasses .

  2. I love the vintage things! That sheet is super nice. Great finds Sam.

  3. Good job, love to treasure hunt. Bernie

  4. so much fun hon! Can't wait till the next round! xo