Monday, March 7, 2011

Simplicity dress 4310 complete.

I purchased this pattern on Etsy about two months ago. It says it is for ladies 5'1" and under. Being 5'5" I was a tad concerned but I loved the dress/jacket combo so much I took a risk and bought it. The patterned turned out to be fine for my height.

As I worked a 6 day week this week, the only time I had to buy the dress fabric was Thursday evening. I made a quick dash to Lincraft (a standard large scale 'craft' store) and navigated my way through piles of hideous (and highly flammable) fabrics to find something that somewhat resembled a vintage print. I was lucky and found two fabrics.

The first was a fabric with a pink rose pattern printed on black, and I used it to make this dress. I decided not to make the jacket to match as I was worried that it might just be a bit too much on the... um... floral side :-)

This dress took me a day and a morning to make. I could probably do it in a day next time, but as it was my first time I had to make a few modifications to the pattern. As most women out there, I am not a standard body shape. My hips are two sizes larger than my bust, and my waist one size smaller than my hips. This pattern was my bust size, so I had to add 2" extra to the skirt pattern, and added an extra pleat too.

The dress fits like a glove thanks to having an adjustable dress form.

Ok, I have to be honest here. That is the first time I have ever inserted a back zipper the 'old fashioned way' with the bit that folds over. I was very impressed with how neat I had sewn it... the only hiccup coming when I realised it was sewn in about 2" to the right of the centre back. Woops.

I borrowed Casey's method of covering up serged hems with pretty lace. Love.

I am super happy with how this dress turned out. I would highly recommend this pattern!

Sam xox


  1. This is gorgeous! The zip thing is exactly the sort of thing I would do, lol! I'm so stocking up on narrow lace for future hemming. I keep meaning to and then forget, but it really is well worth the effort for the finish.

  2. Fab, fab, fab!
    The inside is so neat as well, I'm really envious of how well finished this looks!

  3. Thanks girls! It took a lot of unpicking to get it looking this polished :-) Don't you just love 'reverse sewing' xox

  4. I love the lace covered seams too!! Must try it. Beautiful dress too - I actually really love the fabric.

    Also, love the fabric of the dress below, beautiful! Where did you find it?


  5. Great work Sam! That lace is sooooo pretty!

  6. This dress is amazing, I love the fabric you've used!! Fab job xxx