Monday, March 7, 2011

Liberty print dress.

Thanks to Bella's comment today I realised that I never blogged about finishing this dress late last year. This dress was one of the final pieces I sewed near the end of my no-clothes project.

I used the Vogue V8184 pattern:

And some Liberty of London fabric - Ceaser in dark blue:

The dress only took me half a day to make as I have sewn this pattern before.

The Liberty Tana Lawn was great to use for this dress, as the lightness of it is perfect for a summer garment. I love this pattern because it is so quick to make, and has lots of options to mix and match. Thanks Bella for asking me about it!

I've also noticed that I've reacher the 100 followers milestone... stay tuned for a giveaway soon :-)

Sam xox


  1. Wow gorgeous!! I love that print, and it fits you so well.
    Did you keep the scraps from cutting the dress out? I don't think i'd ever be able to bear throwing away any liberty.

  2. Thanks Rachel! Yes I do keep the scraps. Not only because they are useful for quilting projects, but because the Tana Lawn fabric costs so much :-( Sam xox

  3. Wow, what a beautiful dress. I adore this fabric but was never sure how it would look made up but you've shown it looks AWESOME!

    And thanks for adding the post!

  4. It's lovely! You're right to use a simple style for such an amazing print - I've got to remember this when I make my dress (whatever it may be) with the similar fabric.

  5. ...the plate with the beautiful roses on the last picture - I have that too! It's funny to see it on your blog. Actually, I have a complete set for 14 persons for coffee with milk jug and sugar bowl. I found it in our local second hand store.

    Many greetings from Hamburg, Germany! Hella