Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tea time.

Yesterday I had a bunch of girlfriends come over for a craft day. Each of them brought along the project they were working on. I laid the table with my favourite china pieces and a vintage embroidered cloth.

It was a lovely afternoon.

Don't forget my giveaway closes today at 8pm Sydney time (+11GMT).

Sam xox


  1. Hey Sam, what a GREAT idea! I wish I had some crafty friends so I could do this! It would be really nice to see all of your little projects :)

  2. Hey Reana! Yes I love that I have crafty friends :-) I should have taken photos of the crafting but by the time I remembered everyone had gone home... guess we were too caught up in our projects :-) Next time I promise! Sam xox

  3. Wow you have such lovely china! I need to get myself a little tea set one day soon I think xxx

  4. Ahhh how I wish I had crafty friends! I'm the sole knitter/seamstress. Your tea set is so lovely! This sounds like an amazing way to spend a day, to me :)