Friday, March 4, 2011

Thrifty finds.

I made some very exciting thrifty finds today at a local charity shop.

I went a little silly when I found this pink dress! It is made from soft pink fabric with embroidered detail. It appears to be handmade. It fits me perfectly on the top half, but is very tight on the bottom half. The seam allowances are really generous and there are 5 seams in total so i figure that will give me at least 2 1/2"... which hopefully will be enough. My fingers are crossed.

I couldn't resist this cardigan. It is very boxy in shape, but with a few alterations and some new buttons it will be super cute!

This yellow dress fits well, but is too big in the bust area. I am going to do some reading on making bust alterations so that it fits better. Also, I think I will do some top stitching along the bust seams as the lining is peaking up above the fabric.

I also bought this hand bag and a floral pillow slip.

Have you been thrifting lately?

Sam xox

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