Friday, November 19, 2010

Partnership marriage.

This is just too sweet I just had to share it! Over at Millie Motts Visual Serendipity blog, you will find a feast of vintage images. The most recent are images from a 1940's American magazine called "Young Wife" with a feature article on Betty and Bob, praised by the magazine as an exceptional husband-wife team, who not only share a home but work together also. They call this a 'partnership-marriage'. I love a good party with my friends at my house, but never have we had a party quite like the ones Betty and Bob had.

Maybe next time my girlfriends come over I should bring out the trumpet! To see more images click here.

Sam xox


  1. Some people can make a party out of anything, but I think even my neighbors--a mile down the road-- would object to the trumpet after one or two tunes!

  2. Hahahaha thats so true Barb! xox