Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fashion design drawing course.

A while ago I read a positive review of the book Fashion Design Drawing Course (sadly I can't remember whose blog it was).

I went onto Amazon and had a look through the first couple of pages and liked what I read. The idea in the book of using something tangible in my environment to inspire my dressmaking I found really interesting. Currently I sew pretty safely, choosing patterns and fabric that are pretty conservative. The idea of beginning not with a pattern but with a colour, texture, or shape of something else entirely sounds quite liberating!

Whilst I may be jumping a little ahead of myself, as I have not yet purchased the book, I have identified my dressmaking inspiration! I am going to base my first piece on the acans corals my husband keeps in the fish tank in our living room...

At the moment I am thinking of working with plain cotton fabric and dye, with some embellishments too for shape... possibly making a skirt?

Sam xox