Monday, October 11, 2010

Mel's crochet quilt.

Crocheting is a skill I am still trying to master. My granny squares are coming along very slowly and I still am finding it hard to find my crocheting groove. Rather than show you my poor excuses for squares, I thought I would treat you all to something a lot more pleasing to the eye.

My dear friend Mel joined me for a pancake breakfast yesterday. I begged her to bring along the blanket she is working on, so that I could take a few photos for my blog. I think her blanket is looking so beautiful, and I am willing her on to get it finished. Her choice of colours is perfect and I love the pattern that is beginning to emerge.

This is going to be a beauty.

Keep going Mel - it is looking fantastic!!!

Sam xox


  1. well done it looks fantastic ,,and i love the colours she has blended them well :-)

  2. Hi Sam:
    Mel's crochet blanket is looking wonderful, great job.
    One of my grand niece's is expecting twins!! in January, a boy and a girl. I haven't done any crochet for awhile, I am like you not a great crocheter, only good at Granny squares, so for a change of pace I am going to make two baby blankets much like Mel's.

  3. Mel's crochet looks great. I always found it hard to keep the even tension when I did any crochet. Some would be super tight and some would be just right. Haven't done any in years.

  4. Thanks Ladies! Mel was super chuffed by your nice comments :-) Sam xox

  5. Blanket looks great, colours are lovely and it's loking snuggly already