Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Burda Style printable patterns - how they work.

I have been purchasing and printing a number of Burda Style patterns recently, and find that I am really enjoying the hassle buying these PDF patterns online takes out of dressmaking. You see, in the past I have driven over half an hour to the large homemaker stores, only to spend another few hours looking through their monstrous pattern books trying to find 'the perfect pattern'. Guaranteed, I then either end up purchasing a pattern that looks the closest to what I had in mind (a purchase I later regret), or I go home empty handed and disappointed (aww).

Three of my favourites at the moment...

The range of patterns offered in our Sydney stores leave a lot to be desired. Most are very dated and cost $15 or more to buy. Here's where Burda Style comes in. Their patterns are current styles costing between free and $7 (the highest I have seen on the website, but there might be higher ones). Most are graded patterns and their size ranges are really generous. To get the free patterns all you need to do is sign up for a free account and log in. For patterns that have a cost, you simply pay for them securely through paypal and then you can download them and save them onto your computer or USB stick.

What I also like about this form of pattern purchase is you can save the PDF files to your computer, but you can also access them online - which comes in handy for me when I am sewing at my Mums place!

If you are as much of a neat freak as I am, you will also like the fact that if you cut your pattern to a certain size, but then need a different size down the track, you can print yourself another one.

Printed pattern ready to be taped together...

Once you have downloaded the PDF, you simply print the instructions and pattern and then spend a small amount of time gluing or taping the pages together following the number/letter coordinates (warning, some patterns are 25+ pages so have lots of paper handy and print in a low resolution setting on your printer).

A skirt pattern ready for cutting out...

Cut your newly made pattern out with scissors (not your dressmaking ones of course!) and there you have it - a sewing pattern!

And there you have it, a skirt pattern ready for use!

Some things to be aware of though:

There are two main types of pattern on the website: BurdaStyle.com & Burda Style Magazine. The main differences between the two are that the Burda Style Magazine patterns do not include seam allowance in the patterns and also have strict copyright laws. See here for more information.

Happy sewing!

Sam xox


  1. I'll interested in seeing how your sidonie turns out - I tried making one but it was a disaster. The sizing was completely off and it was a shapeless mess.

    I don't know if they let you order them over the phone, but twice a year clegs here in Melbourne have a $5 pattern sale for all patterns. Maybe you might be able to get a bargain through there? If I remember correctly the next one will be around Christmas.

  2. Hi Rachel! Thanks for your comment, I love your blog! I made the Sidonie skirt last month, but purposely made it a size too big so it would sit on my hips. But I totally agree, it was very box shaped and I had to soften the shape a little to make it look nicer! Thanks for the heads-up on the pattern sale. I will google them and keep an eye out. Sam xox