Thursday, October 28, 2010

Circle skirt.

I am going to my first ever Halloween party this weekend! There was no theme for the party other than "dress up" so I was at a total loss as to what to wear. I knew I wanted to sew my outfit and wanted something that I could (possibly) wear again. I also love vintage styles at the moment. Casey from Elegant Musings was able to join the dots for me, when I came across the circle skirt pattern she had scanned onto her blog.

After studying the vintage patterns instructions I went and purchased a teal blue heavy cotton fabric and contrasting white bold ric-rac. On Wednesday night I measured my waist, cut my fabric, and became confused. Why had what I thought would be an 18" waist suddenly become a 32" waist? After standing dumbfounded for several moments, Jamie gently reminded me of Year 10 maths and something about pi...

So, here is my modified version of Casey's circle skirt - I call it my "Teal Blue Semi-Circle Skirt"!

If you want to have a go at making your own circle skirt, you can find the pattern here!

Sam xox


  1. Very cute skirt. I hope you enjoy your first Halloween in Australia. Remember, this is the "official" thing to say if you're going trick-or-treating:

    Trick or Treat,
    Smell my feet.
    Give me something good to eat.

    Not an apple.
    Not a pear.
    Not your smelly underwear!

    (Actually, that's not really official--just something the kids like to say cuz they think it's naughty.)

  2. Very cute! But please tell me you don't actually have an 18" waist!