Monday, October 4, 2010

In the post.

After months of lurking around the Shaukat website, I finally made my first fabric purchase!

Well, several fabric purchases...

You see, this website has a flat rate for shipping to Australia of up to 8 meters of fabric. So, I figured I may as well get my moneys worth and make use of the entire 8 meter allowance! So I have been saving my pennies and this is whats now coming my way...

2 meters of 'Mauverina' in navy blue to make the Vogue V8184 dress.

2 meters of 'Ceaser' in dark blue to make the Vogue V8184 dress.

2.7 meters of 'Claie-Aude' in red to make a blouse and a skirt.

1.3 meters of 'Wiltshire' in red to make ... ?
I especially like this pattern because my Mum was born in Wiltshire...

Exactly 8 meters of beautiful fabric in the post. I can't wait to get my hands (and scissors) onto it!

Sam xox


  1. And I can't wait to see the finished clothing!!! Very beautiful fabrics!

  2. I can't wait to see the "Mauverina" dress! What beautiful fabrics!

    I've only just got a sewing machine of my own and the time to start sewing, so excited!

    Any hints/tips/websites for the absolute beginner?


  3. Beautiful fabrics, Sam. You'll have a lot of fun working with them. Show us the finished dresses.

  4. woo hoo so pumped for craft day now hon! xoxo

  5. Thanks so much guys! I am soooooo excited!!!! Kim I replied on your blog hon :-) x

  6. Gorgeous! I had a fat quarter of the 'ceaser' in my quilt and i love it. (And everyone that looks at the pieces points it out as a really nice one, so at least i know it was worth the money)

    I got your lovely comment on my blog, thankyou. I can't wait to see what you make with all of your liberty too.