Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Serger Series – Tools of the trade.

Here is the list of equipment I must have on hand when serging:

 Long tweezers – These make threading a serger a piece of cake – seriously. They allow for precise threading in those difficult to reach places on the lower loopers, as well as better access when threading the needles.

Machine oil – It is very important you keep your machine running smoothly for best results. This means that you should regularly (6 months) oil all accessibly parts of your serger that move. They only require the smallest amount of oil to lubricate them. You will notice a difference. When opening a machine oil bottle for the first time, I would recommend piercing the top with a warm needle or pin, the tiny hole allows for better oil control when using (you definitely do not want to cover your overlocker with half a bottle of oil because the hole was cut too large).

 Bristle brushes – Regularly brushing out your machine after sewing prevents a build up of fibres that potentially could interfere with your stitching.

Needles – Change your needles people! Regularly! Ideally after every 8 hours of sewing.

Screwdrivers – Allow you to pull apart your serger for better access when servicing at home.

Quick snips – Perfect for snipping threads on the go.

Sam xox

Liberty of London fabrics from top: Mauverina, Betsy, ?, Wiltshire, Glenjade.

Disclaimer: Always refer to your own serger/overlocker manual for definitive advice on how to set up, thread and sew with your machine. I do not claim to be an expert on every model and thus am only sharing my personal experiences using two ‘lower end’ models (Toyota3400d and Janome1110dx).


  1. Excellent serger tips, but it's your fabrics that really stole my heart! I need to order some from your recommended website asap!

    1. I know right? Liberty fabric is to die for... The website is and my experience with them has been good. Put up a post if you do buy some Liberty, so we can live vicariously through your purchase :-) xxx

  2. Yeah I'm loving the fabrics too!

    Thanks for the tips. Keep 'em coming :o)

    1. Liberty fabrics are beautiful aren't it? :-)