Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Serger Series – Changing thread colour.

I'm so glad you all found the first Serger Series post helpful!

Here’s my tips for those times when you need to change thread colour. Don’t be tempted to keep serging in white because you don’t have time/patients to change thread and potentially have to adjust tension again. Instead, follow these steps:
1) Do not unthread your machine!
2) Instead, cut off the thread you have been sewing with at the spool. Remove old spools.
3) Play new colour spools in place.
4) Tie correlating old thread to new thread and snip off extra lengths to make a neat knot...

5) Make sure your presser foot is in the raised position.
6) Now snip off the needle threads at the needle. Pull the thread through until you get to the needle (note: pull thread gentle through tension discs as the knot might be a bit tricky to get through). Once knot is through and at needle, snip off old thread and thread new thread through both needles.
7) The looper threads are easier. Pull thread gentle through tension plates, then they should be ready to stitch from there.

Sam xox

Disclaimer: Always refer to your own serger/overlocker manual for definitive advice on how to set up, thread and sew with your machine. I do not claim to be an expert on every model and thus am only sharing my personal experiences using two ‘lower end’ models (Toyota3400d and Janome1110dx).


  1. Hi Sam I am really liking your series here for the serger. I think I am going to try what you suggested about pulling thread through rather than letting my machine sew them through. It messes them up every time. My booklet also says to take the tension down to 0 on all dials. I need to get better about using the right color of thread, it's been so frustrating that I avoid changing the thread at all cost. I think my machine is one of the more difficult ones to thread, it's used, I am sure the former owner felt the same.

  2. I'm so glad you're finding these posts helpful :-) What kind of machine do you have? Perhaps it tells you to put it down to zero because that releases the pressure of the disks? Try and see if the disk pressure is released instead by raising the presser foot? I know what you mean about not wanting to change colour, for over a year I was overlocking everything in white... not a good look when you make a black blouse! Sam xox

    1. It's a Baby Lock pro line. It does say to put them to zero, I am also going to raise the presser foot, like you suggest and pull the threads. I went to the fabric store and bought red and blue serger thread last night and I am going to change the thread today. Thanks Sam!

    2. That's awesome! I wonder if they suggest zero so that the tension plates are loose - try seeing if raising the presser foot loosens the tension plates instead, then you won't have to change the numbers as much. Hope you went well with the serging!