Sunday, April 3, 2011

Vintage knitted skirt.

What a lovely craft day! I spent time at Mill's place doing some sewing while she continued working on her vintage knitted skirt. This time I actually took some photos! Here is a photo of Mill's awesome woolen knitted skirt thus far...

Isn't she clever? She is following a vintage knitting pattern and is using circular needles. In the photo above Mill is holding the skirt the right way up, so the top bit actually has elastic knitted into it, to form the waist. The main part of the skirt is made up of thin vertical grey lines and at the bottom will be a number of star bursts then the hem.

The skirt is turning out to be really beautiful. The wool she is using is 100% and is beautifully warm. Mill is planning on lining the skirt to prevent it stretching when worn, and at the rate she is knitting, she might be wearing this beauty by the end of the month!

~ Mill baked some orange biscuits for us to have for morning tea ~

~ Recognise the bag Miss P? ~

I spent today making a muslin for my Simplicity 7032 scalloped jacket and skirt pattern. I have some beautiful pink gabardine fabric to make it from, but I wanted to be sure it would fit before I cut into my good stuff.

I made a muslin of both the skirt and top. The pattern itself is for a 34" Bust, which I am up top, but my bottom half measurements were larger than those printed on the envelop. Turned out though, the skirt fitted brilliantly! I am excited about this because it means I now have a vintage a-line skirt pattern that needs no modifying.

The jacket was easy to sew together. The scalloped edge was a bit tricky, and it didn't sit quite right. I have a feeling this was more due to the calico I was using than the pattern itself. But the jacket did fit nicely, and I am so excited to start cutting out the 'real thing' this week.

If the pink is a success, I might make another in royal blue... or red!

~ A lunch fit for ladies ~

In other news, to commemorate the end of daylight savings and the beginning of the cooler months, I had my hair dyed from blond back dark dark brown. I keep seeing bits of my hair on my shoulder and thinking "whats that?!" then I realise it's my hair... I am sure I will be used to it in a few days.

Sam xox


  1. He,he! Nice bag Sam! Weirdtothinkof it so many thousands of miles away now! Can't wait to see progress on your vintage Simplicity pattern!

  2. Sorry! My space bar is playing up!

  3. Wow, what an amazing skirt! I really do need to pick her brain on knitting.

  4. Thanks girls! Miss P - the bag is fantastic and I get lots of compliments about it. You have very good taste :-)

    Jen - I'll organise a weekend get together soon so you can pick Mills brain!

    Sam xox