Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh Etsy you bad thing.

My latest Etsy purchases (a 30% off sale was too good to refuse).

~ I think these blouses are just divine. I especially love the collarless blouses ~

~ I absolutely love the cross-over collar attachment for the jacket (view 3) ~

~ Not sure how this will translate on my figure, but I will try ~

~ A $2.50 skirt pattern - everyone needs one right? ~

~ And for something completely different... a very sweet pattern book ~

A big shout out to Yours Lovely, the Etsy store I purchased these from.

Have you found anything awesome on Etsy lately?

Sam xox


  1. Can't beat a bit of Etsy therapy can you! Nice haul Sam!

  2. I never seem to be able to find patterns on etsy in my size. I also have trouble with vintage clothes but they are a lot easier than patterns.

  3. Great buys!! I am relatively new to sewing but would LOVE to be able to make a vintage-style coat one day xxx

  4. Hey P! No you can't :-) I very much love Etsy... as you might know :-) Sam xox

  5. Kat, I know what you mean, often a pattern will fit my bust size, but be way off my pear-shaped bottom half! This is the bad thing about vintage patterns I think, that they don't come in multiple sizes. Sam xox

  6. Hey Pink Penguin (sweet name by the way!) As soon as I purchased my first vintage pattern I was hooked... take the plunge ;-) !!! Sam xox

  7. Just to let you know I have 17 vintage and some retro patterns to give away on my blog..if anyone is interested just drop by and leave a comment. I bought them years ago but just know I will never ever use them and I would love them to go to a good home!