Sunday, February 27, 2011

Picnic and new friends.

I have had the most lovely weekend!

Saturday morning I packed up my bike with a picnic rug, a bottle of cider, and some food, and rode to Centennial Park where I met Michelle and Mill under a shady tree. We spent the afternoon catching up while we shared a picnic lunch.

Lunch! Mill brought along a pickled cucumber salad - a recipe she discovered during her time in the US. It was yum! Basically made from onions, cucumbers, sugar and vinegar.

What picnic would be complete without dessert? Meringues with berries.

The girls enjoying their dessert.

Today I met up with a fellow blogger who is currently living in Sydney. Jen is the writer of Pretty Little Pictures, a very inspiring vintage blog. I came across Jen's blog about a month ago, and after a few exchanges we decided we should meet. We met for breakfast at a cute cafe in the inner west. Jen was lovely! We chatted about sewing and the projects we are working on, and I invited her to come along to my next craft day.

Once the meal was finished we went to pay, and both pulled out tiny red vintage purses - great minds think alike!

The lovely Jen of Pretty Little Pictures
(with her little red purse).

Sam xox


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Picnics are so much fun. We had a bbq this weekend in the park which was fun too.

  2. Aw fabulous! I don't know any bloggers that live nearby, otherwise this would be so much fun!!
    I still love that bike, grrr!

  3. BBQ's are so yummy! Sam xox