Sunday, February 6, 2011

Autumn palette challenge progress.

It has been incredibly hot this week in Sydney. We have had eight consecutive days of temperatures over 35oC (thats 95F) - something that has not occurred in 150 years. And to top it off, last night was the hottest night on record for 40 years (it was still 33oC/91F at midnight). With only one tiny fan that blows the hot air around our small apartment, it goes without saying that not much sleep has been had this week.

So all I have been able to do is lie in front of the fan, drink lots of water, and plan my Autumn Palette Challenge...

I have mostly been thinking about what fabric I want to use to make this Simplicity Jacket and Skirt. Tilly made a nice version of this pattern in purple with a contrasting blue lining, but purple is not in my palette so I think I will make it in a navy blue pique fabric with a Liberty lining.

Here is what I think I will use:

A solid navy blue pique fabric available on eBay at the moment.

Tana Lawn navy blue Wiltshire for the lining - isn't this a great print?!.

I think this will look really cute with the Wiltshire lining, I just hope that the scalloped edge of the jacket isn't lost on the darkness of the fabric.

Sam xox


  1. Lovely! Bit jealous of the warm weather as we're having dreary cold stuff here!
    You could always topstitch the scallop edge in a contrast lustre thread to accent the shape; or press the liberty lining so that it peeks out all round the scallop edge to accent it. Narrow piping in your liberty fabric is another option??
    I agree with you it's such a pretty detail it would be a shame for it not to stand out. Can't wait to see it.

  2. I love the lining! That will be fabulous to wear.
    I also love reading a blog from another Sydneysider - thank you!

    Tessa xxx

  3. Oh P don't be jealous, it was the longest (and hottest) heat wave on record. 8 days straight knocks the stuffing out of you :-)
    I love your suggestions of the piping! I will give that a try, although my skills might not be quite up to it :-)

    Thanks Tess! I was pretty excited to find the lining!

    Sam xox