Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1920's chemise continued.

Tonight I decided to go back to the 1920's chemise I started a few weeks ago. I was stalled because the lace was too soft and folded over onto itself when the chemise was held upright. I have looked through the trimming sections of my local fabric stores but I couldn't find anything that was a suitable alternative. So I decided to improvise.

Firstly, I re-sewed one side French seam as I had not trimmed the seam allowance short enough and consequently little bits of it were sticking out of the finished seam (not a good look!).

Secondly, I decided to fold the top of the lace back over to the wrong side of the fabric and sewed it in place with a small straight stitch. This scalloped edges of the lace sewed down created a nice effect on the inside of the garment. It also made the top edge a bit more stable so now when worn the chemise sits flat against my chest and back.

Finally, I sewed on some ribbon that acts as the straps for the top.

Now all I have to do is sew the hem and it will be complete!

Sam xox


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