Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring is here.

There is really something about the first day of Spring. The sun feels a little warmer, the birds sing a little louder and our moods lift...

Sadly I missed out on most of this today as I had to attend work training. Being couped up inside a space the size of a kitchen for 8 hours really put a dampener on my Springtime skip (the training was, however, amazingly valuable for my work practice).

To try and restore balance to my first Spring day for 2010, I came home and sat in my garden ... well ... my tiled three-story high garden.

Oh Spring, how I have missed thee!

Sam xox


  1. Hi Sam,

    How nice of you to drop me a comment- thank you!!

    I looked at your couture class....looks like the real thing! Well done.

    beautiful pictures

  2. your spring looks wonderful, we are just headed into fall. It has been a hot dry summer. cw

  3. It looks like spring is in full bloom in Sydney. Always a treat after a long winter.

  4. Looks like a lovely day for the first day of Spring. Where we live the beginning of Spring is usually very wet. We're headed into Fall now as well. Of course Fall is very wet too, as is winter and summer - okay, aside from the last few weeks here it's usually wet. Nice Spring flowers. Don't they put a spring in your step? I used to live in a place that had real seasons.

  5. Hey Sam

    Are they yuor flowers? Very impressive!

  6. We are getting ready to head into fall/autumn. It is my favorite season. To be honest, summers are hard on me now and I welcome the off seasons more and more. Spring and Fall are blessings to me. God awakens the earth & then gently puts her to bed for hibernation. I will live vicariously through your photos until she awakens once again here. Hugs to you. Tammy