Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quilt group.

You would never guess what happened to me this week!

This week I have been attending training for work at a conference centre in the city. The training has been great but ... I wouldn't be blogging about training now would I?!? During the lunch break yesterday I was chatting away with a group of colleagues and out of the corner of my eye I spied a beautiful blue and white bow tie quilt. After closer inspection I noticed that it was draped over a chair alongside a number of other quilts.

I ohhhed and ahhhed at the quilts and my colleagues looked at me confused. I confessed to them that I was quilt mad and already my blood was pumping a little quicker just being in the presence of such beautiful quilts! I caught the eye of one of the ladies standing near the bow tie quilt and she waved at me to come in and look.

The conversation that followed felt warm and familiar. She explained that they were displaying the quilts to the monthly Kings Cross Art Group who wanted to see the quilts. I lamented that I would love to be part of a quilting group, but did not have any friends who quilted. She told me that they were the Eastern Suburbs quilters. I almost fell over - because I live in the Eastern Suburbs!!!!!

The ladies were very excited and told me all about the things they do together as a group. We exchanged more 'quilty' conversation then I was given a hug and a hand written invitation to join their group and I was on my way...

In the spirit of this quilty post, have a look at these beauties available on Etsy at the moment.

36 Vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden Hand-Sewn Hexagon Quilt Blocks -- BEAUTIFUL

grandmother's flower garden vintage quilt

Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt

Double wedding ring quilt with a HIstory kinda vintage

vintage 1974 book . Quiltmaking For Your Home by Eileen Gonin and Jill Newton HC DJ

Sam xox


  1. Yay! I hope you get to go to the meetings. I love my guild!

  2. Yeah I am pretty excited thanks Erin!!! I can't wait to see what its like. x

  3. Isn't it amazing what you find when you least expect it? I hope you find a quilt home there.

  4. ooh, thanks for picking my quilt to show it off, I think I need to make a quilt page to show off all my miniature quilts :)


  5. Amazing how when we least expect it quilters seem to come out of the walls :0) So glad you've found this group and I sure hope you enjoy it. I don't belong to a group either and always thought it would be nice. I feel like I'm flailing around now cause I look at all my fabric and feel lost. I need to at least get back to the guild.

  6. sam, you already have so many cyber quilter friends to share with your new live body quilter friends. they are going to be so thrilled with how much you can share with them. we will be so thrilled with what you are going to share with us too. win/win