Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In love with Mila.

Mila is the latest dress to join my seemingly endless list of 'must makes'.

This Mila pattern is a unique dress design by Burda Style.

I was instantly attracted to the simple shape of the dress, as well as the very unique way it is put together at the front.

I am planning on making this dress using a cream/beige linen for the main part of the dress,
and a small Liberty of London print for the shoulders and center panel part.
(opposite to the combination featured in the photograph)

Image from Burda Style website

If you too would like to make this dress, click here to visit the Burda Style website, sign up, and get this pattern for free!!!

Sam xox


  1. Very cute dress! I can't wait to see your creations when you're done.

  2. This post proves, once again, that you have great taste. Keep posting your finds and your creations.

  3. Adoreable dress. Wish I was about 35 years younger.

  4. Oh yes, that dress is a winner, a head-turner for sure!