Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ginger skirt in navy linen.

Here is my first project for 2013. A Colette Patterns Ginger skirt in a beautiful navy linen.

One of my new years resolutions (I know I haven't posted about these yet - I will soon I promise!) is to sew at least five different patterns from the Colette Patterns range. I pledged this resolution on Karen's blog post "Put your money where your mouth is". This goal is motivated by the fact I own too many a number of patterns from the Colette Pattern's range, plus the book, and all I have made from the brand to date has been a bunch of Sorbetto tops, and some Nutmeg knickers. That's all! Which is just so silly when these patterns are so cute!

You see, I have a weakness for small scale floral prints, and let's be honest, any Tana Lawn fabric from Liberty of London (Twitter and Instagram peeps you have surely worked this out by now!?). I usually turn these fabrics into dresses or tops. Whilst having lots of floral garments is nice, and quite pretty to look at in my wardrobe, I am in dire need of some wardrobe staples. Classic garments in basic colours to complement my floral addiction. For this Ginger skirt I knew I wanted a plain navy fabric. I went to Spotlight and found the most incredible navy linen.

I cut this Ginger as a Version 1 in a size 8. I didn't take any length off the hem as I like a knee length skirt. I used an invisible zipper and added some top stitching to the waistband.

And I have a confession to make. I just couldn't help myself. I may have added some Liberty to this skirt... see if you can spot where :-)

What I learnt from sewing this pattern:
- Linen feels divine.
- Linen creases easily.
- Waistbands lined with Liberty "Fairford" make me smile :-)

Sam xox


  1. How funny. I recently made my daughter a similar skirt. I need to post some pictures of her in it. I'm just learning to make girl clothes for her. My zipper isn't very good, but overall, I did okay. Be well. Lane

  2. It's loverly :) Such a great basic for all your liberty tops to bounce off! And yay for floral-ful facings :)

  3. So lovely! The touch of Liberty totally adds an extra somethin' somethin' to your Ginger. :D

  4. Gorgeous skirt! I love the touch of liberty too. I love little surprises like that. It makes your skirt your own.

  5. Your linen skirt is divine! and the perfect foil for a pretty Liberty print :) I love navy too, it is like the perfect basic colour.

  6. That is lovely! I currently have a weakness for anything navy and I just love this!

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  8. Just found you and I've been enjoying all your makes (blue-toned and otherwise). See you around. Also-spam message left by JA above.

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