Sunday, January 6, 2013

A hand made Christmas.

My loved ones really do know me! This year I was lucky enough to receive a number of handmade items which are true treasures.

This quilt was gifted to me by my husband who knows I have a soft spot of antique quilts, fabrics from the 1930's (feedsacks), and the Grandmothers Flower Garden pattern. I often 'watch' quilts on ebay, and save the images for inspiration should I ever have the time to make my own. Well, he peaked at my account and ordered this one for me from America. A true Grandmothers Flower Garden, with feedsack fabric and the tiniest hand quilting stitches. The quilt is even edged in green fabric typical of the era. My jaw dropped when I opened the box...

The second gift from Jamie was a preserving kit I had bought from The Redback Trading Company. Whilst this is not strictly a handmade gift, it does allow me to hand make preserves and jams, so I think it counts. So far I have preserved cucumbers from my garden in dill pickle vinegar, and made some strawberry jam.

My very clever sister in law and her husband-to-be gave us a cheese board they had made from Tasmanian timber. I know it is not usual to smell ones cheese board, but I can't help it, this board smells divine.

And as if the cheese board wasn't enough, she also made me this delicate Christmas star from vintage sheet music...

My mum gave me a timber sewing box hand made by members of her local Men's Shed. The Men's Shed is a community-based movement aimed at promoting better mental health for men. You can read more about it here.

My dear friend Mel revealed her crafty side, making this owl needle/pin holder for me from a self drafted pattern! His little wings untie to reveal felt patches where needles and pins can be held...

My real life blogger friend gave me the most delicious pesto ever. Check out her blog to see a picture.

I didn't drop the ball on the hand made gift giving either. Mel will receive her gift in February (because I just didn't get her it finished in time), I gave mum a quilt, Mill the book Knitting 24/7, and my other sister in law some hand spun yarn along with Colette Pattern's Sencha.

Sam xox


  1. A lovely bounty of gifts!
    Thumbs up to the gift of the beautiful quilt from Jamie, he has so many Brownie Points now to cash in on during the year.

    1. Shhhh don't tell him about his brownie points though ;-)

  2. That quilt is amazing! What a wonderful gift! I'm totally jealous

    1. Thanks! It is incredible, the amount of hand quilting in it just doesn't happen these days. I imagine a quilting bee of ladies all sitting around this quilt chatting and stitching it. Not like today :-(

  3. That quilt is truly amazing, what a lucky girl!