Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simplicity 7032 progress.

Do you sometimes have sewing projects that you over think and put of making? It might be that you have some expensive fabric that you're too scared to cut into. A project that feels insurmountable. Or a pattern that calls for a technique you have not yet tried. 

I have been procrastinating this jacket and skirt pattern for well over six months now and it needed to stop. Months ago I had overcome the hurdle that was the interfaced scallop collar and edges, with pleasing results. Now it was time to sew on the fitted sleeves and begin on the lining.

I am almost finished the sleeves and lining. Stay tuned for photos of this jacket finished in the coming week!

By the way... does anyone have any tips on lining a garment???

Sam xox


  1. Oooo I am loving the look of those scallops! I believe 'The new blog for better sewing' has some good advice for linings.

  2. expect the best for your project...