Monday, June 18, 2012

Fast baby cardigan #2.

This little blog has been neglected of late. Real life some how got in the way. The weeks have rolled by, winter has arrived, and somehow it is almost the middle of the year (can you believe it?). I have been very busy at work lately, with my roster a bit all over the place knocking me out of routine. I made an effort this weekend to get back to my sewing machine, and with very pleasing results, but more about that another time.

For now I will show you something that has been a WIP for too long! This is the second Fast Baby Cardigan I have made. You might remember I made one of these some months back? Well this latest version, Cardigan 2.0, is for some dear friends of mine in The Neatherlands who have a baby due to arrive early July. While it will be a summer bub, it won't be too long before the cooler months arrive in the North, and the little one will need a warm woollen cardigan to keep it cozy.

I was really satisfied with Cardigan 2.0, as I managed to knit in button holes! I know, sounds obvious but the first time I knitted this pattern it was my first knitted object ever and I just assumed that button holes would be explicitly included in the pattern (they are not). Snaps covered up this error with the first cardigan, but second time round I was determined to do it properly, and I am very pleased with the result...

 I am trying to improve how I sew up my raglan sleeves, and think this one turned out ok.

 A close-up of the button holes.

If you're on Ravelry, feel free to friend me, I would love to see what you're knitting!

Sam xox


  1. Very nice! I have this in my list to knit for Squishy. Thanks for the heads up about the button holes. Knowing me and my brain at the moment I wouldn't have even noticed.

    1. Oh can't wait to see you knit this pattern up! It is super easy. If you do get stuck on it though please feel free to email me for help, though I am sure you'll knit it brilliantly!!! xox

  2. I love knit baby sweaters! Great job!