Friday, July 16, 2010

Window shopping.

I spent tonight window shopping on the Shaukat website. My sister-in-law shops online here to buy the Liberty of London fabrics she works with (more about her very soon!).

The first two pieces I want to make (when I get my dressmakers mannequin) is a skirt and a blouse. For the skirt I figured I could use a small print fabric, but for the blouse I think I will need a fabric with a larger print. The website is time-consuming to navigate, so I figured I would jot down in this blog entry what fabrics I have my eye one...

For the skirt:

Eyvonne - £11 per mtr

Betsy - £13 per mtr

All three are Claire-Aude - Betsy - £12 per mtr

Wiltshire - £11 per mtr

For the blouse:

Endfield - £13 per mtr

Ebb and Flow - £13 per mtr

Richard Cooper - £13 per mtr

Ceaser - £12 per mtr

Mauverina - £13 per mtr

Sam xox


  1. Wow, what a selection. You will have a hard time deciding on that one. They are all very nice.

  2. There are sure some beauties there. How are you going to decide?

  3. Wow! This is such a lovely and insightful post. Please update again soon.