Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Granny squares.

Thank you so much for your kind wishes about my job. As some of you know I have had a lot going on in my personal life these past 12 months, which I will leave private. This job really does mark a new and positive chapter of my life beginning, and I am over the moon!

On the weekend I visited my crafty friend Mel. She is the kind of friend I believe every girl should have. Mel always has time to listen to my worries, takes time to consider them and gently gives me advice. I always leave her place feeling like a better person than what I had arrived as.

The bonus? She is a total crafty inspiration! Her taste is seriously cool, and she always has a quirky idea to try. We never 'plan' to craft, but needless to say, within 15 minutes of my arrival we are plotting our next creative adventure.

Last weekend was no different. On Sunday morning I arrived at her place, and she explained that the night before she had taught herself to crochet via YouTube! Oh boy was I excited! One of my pledges was to crochet a dishcloth and this would be my first step towards this goal. Little did I know however, what Mel had in mind. She whipped out her crocheting project, which was a granny square.

It took precisely 2.3 seconds for me to decide that I wanted to make Granny Squares and for her to teach me (I admit I am a tad impulsive) and another 4.6 seconds for us to realise we HAD to make a trip Spotlight to buy some wool.

Here is what I have achieved thus far:

Sam xox


  1. They look so addictive to make. Very cute. Can't wait to see what you make them into. You make me want to make my friends crafty so we have our hands busy while we gas bag!!

  2. Crafting friends are just the best!

    Lovely granny squares - looking forward to seeing you create something with then

  3. Granny squares are great aren't they!? Lots of satisfaction in so little time (well after you get the hang of it!).

    I'm currently crocheting my niece/nephew-to-be a blanket, where I have started teh centre in orange and then rather than lots of little granny squares that you then put together I'm going ot keep going in a round wiht yellow then white, so hopefully it will look a bit like a sun. We'll see how that goes!

  4. I love the colours.

    Crochet is a really good skill to have as whatever you make grows quicker than knitting. I personally prefer it to knitting, as I am lazy! I am also glad that there are more and more good designers out there, its becoming more versatile every day and I have even seen some good clothing designs recently (I am so over crocheted motif dresses!)