Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nice and dry.

Thanks so much for your kind comment regarding our mini-flood. After three days our carpet is now dry and does not smell at all. We have returned the pedestal fans to their rightful owners, and now do not have to walk around the house with shoes on to stop our feet getting wet. The cat seems a lot more settled too!

Jamie and I went to Surry Hills today for an impromptu coffee which turned into breakfast. Surry Hills is an inner city suburb that I rarely go to. It has a very unique style to it that I am not entirely sure how to explain. Somewhat alternative, yet very affluent. As Jamie put it "To be cool in Surry Hills you have to try hard to be not-cool"... lots of people in tweed jackets, thick black rimmed glasses that upon close inspection don't actually have lens in them! Anything goes.

I decided to take my camera along as I want to get some more photography practice. Jamie had the patients of a saint as I made us walk through all the back streets aimlessly, admiring run down terrace houses, graffiti art, and a random cat that followed us for almost two blocks.

This was our day out.

"Tour de Tweed" - annual Sydney Cyclist event.

Sam xox


  1. Great pictures Sam!!! I'm glad you shared them with us.

  2. Lovely town. I'd love to visit a place like that occasionally. What a difference a vowel makes. We have Surrey here. Exact opposite of your Surrey. Example: "What do you call a man in Surrey wearing a suit?" Answer: "The accused." And a phrase so common it should be the town motto "Better safe than Surrey". Enjoyed the photos. I love to see other places without having to travel there.

  3. Great pictures and it was probably nice to get out after working so hard to dry out. Glad to hear it's all taken care of. Best, Lisa

  4. Hi Samantha. I have just come in for a visit via Rhonda,I loved looking at your blog,I think you are doing a great job,I will take a pic of my workspace sometime when its picable lol..I will be back as they say.Loved your pics and as a china posessed person so enjoyed your lovely cups etc.Carole