Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas tree.

It's that time of year again. Well, for me anyway. Yes, it is a little early but I just couldn't wait. Last night Jamie and I put up our Christmas tree.

When we first moved into our apartment years ago, we had a modest sized tree with a few decorations. Over the years we collected bits and pieces here and there, and developed quite a nice display on our tree. Last year, Jamie insisted we wait until the first week of December to put up our tree, because (apparently) the rule is that the tree cannot go up any earlier. Bah! Well, I played by the 'rules' and waited, and when the first weekend of December 2009 came around I raced to our garage to retrieve our Christmas goodies.

To my dismay I could only find half our Christmas tree. Yep, half, the useless bottom half that is cube in shape with a gapping hole in the centre where the top half of the tree is supposed to join it. We searched and searched but it appeared that the top half of the tree had vanished! We hit the local shopping centre in search of a replacement tree, but every shop had sold out! In a state of panic we went into Target, and saw a lady dismantling a display tree. We did the same to the only green bushy fake tree left. Fortunately the store gave us a 50% discount because it was the display tree. Unfortunately it was 6 foot 5 inches tall! A tad too big for our cosy apartment.

Jamie pulling the tree apart in the store!

Going from a tiny tree to a huge tree called for more tinsel and decorations. This led to a half hour 'debate' in Target around weather we have silver tinsel or gold tinsel for the tree. Jamie was adamant he wanted silver, and as I wouldn't budge on gold we agreed to get one of each, and had an interesting time that Christmas compromising on whose tinsel went on the top half.

Last night I dragged out the Christmas boxes from underneath the spare bed, and untied their ribbons with all the excitement of a child opening an early Christmas present.

My heart always skips a beat when I get the first glimpse of our decorations...

Every year I make a Christmas decoration. For 2007 I made a felt star. For 2008 I made a paper bell. For 2009 I knitted a bell. This year, inspired by a decoration on a tree in the October issue of (British) Country Living Magazine, I made a felt heart.

If anyone ever does come across the top half of my old Christmas tree, can you let me know?

Sam xox

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