Monday, March 18, 2013

Liberty stash.

I have been meaning to blog about this Christmas gift for weeks now. My sister in law gifted me her stash of Liberty off cuts from all the sewing projects she has made using Liberty tana lawns. She must have known I dream of making a Liberty Dresden quilt... It is so nice to look through the pile, as I can remember most of the garments she has made from these prints.

Such a thoughtful Christmas gift, I am very appreciative of - thanks Ally!!!

What is your favourite Liberty print?

Sam xox

p.s thanks so much for your sweet comments on my previous post, it means a lot xox


  1. That's a lovely gift! I need to make a quilt with my off cuts I think.

  2. What a gracious friend! Seriously, a liberty quilt would be my Ultimate. It would look amazing, no matter what you pieced it together with. So how much more do you need to get started on it?

  3. Amazing gift! My favourite print is their new season print Speckle! It's so detailed and pretty, I'm dreaming of a summer dress made from this cotton and silk mix fabric -